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REALIGN YOUR FEET, REALIGN YOUR LIFE. Guaranteed to get you back on your feet - pain free!

REALIGN YOUR FEET, REALIGN YOUR LIFE. Guaranteed to get you back on your feet - pain free!

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2 Walk Fit® Platinum insoles. Money back guaranteed.

Bonus Kit

  • FREE Sandal Adapter
  • FREE Soothing Peppermint Lotion
  • FREE Acupressure Massage Insert
  • FREE Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (less S/P)
Save $250 to $500 compared to custom orthotics
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Features & Benefits

  • Aligns back and shoulders
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Balances hips for easier movement
  • Reduces stress on knee joints
  • Cradles feet for improved stability
  • Pain relief verified by Independent Clinical study
  • Customizable arch support
  • Bio-Lock heel cup
  • Corrects pronation
  • Over 25 million pairs sold
guaranteed to get you back on your feet - pain free!
Aligns your body to alleviate foot, knee, hip and back pain.

Walk Fit® Platinum Five Star Reviews

No More Knee Pain At Any Age!

For most of us, knee pain no longer has to be a "normal" part of aging. While sometimes the pain comes from old injuries or chronic conditions, it frequently starts with nothing more than a misaligned foot and ankle. When this occurs, a properly-fitted customizable orthotic like Walkfit® can instantly move your legs into proper position and relieve the tension that misalignment inflicts upon your knees, hips, and back.

The result of this seemingly small adjustment can be life-changing. An independent clinical study by doctors shows why. The doctors in this study reported dramatic pain-relief effects that rival the kind of results you might expect from painkillers or the promises made by orthopedic surgeons:

After wearing Walkfit®,

  • 99% reported relief from foot pain
  • 98% reported relief from back and/or hip pain
  • 97% reported relief from knee and/or leg pain
Clinically Effective

Take Your Day From Painful to Peaceful

The cure for many of your aches and pains in your knees, hips, and lower back may well be something you put in a surprising place: inside your shoes! This relief can happen when you insert a custom-fitted orthotic to correct the way your ankles and feet are aligned. The reason a properly-fit orthotic like Walkfit® can transform your day from painful to peaceful is because they instantly correct your body's alignment and posture.

Before image showing skeleton with curved posture
After image showing skeleton with straight posture

New improved design!

  • NEW! We've added a unique gel pad to our Bio-Lock heel cup for advanced cushioning and shock absorption. So, you get cushioning where you need it and firmness where you need it!
  • NEW! Reflexology massage insert!
  • Realigns your spine and pelvic area to reduce knee, hip and lower back pain.
  • Independent clinical study showed WalkFit® technology relieved pain in 90% of users.

Doctor recommended

"There are 26 bones in the foot, and they all must work in harmony. When you walk, the foot collapses and the bones can go out of alignment. Not only can that result in a hip, knee, and back pain, but it can lead to hammer-toes, corns, and calluses as well. Now, the WalkFit® is a true orthotic, and when I place it under the foot and press down, you'll see that the orthotic is maintaining the alignment of the foot.

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. WalkFit® orthotics help to realign the heel and ankle. You're putting your entire body in better balance with stability and comfort. "

Dr. Allen Selner, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and expert in foot biomechanics

doctor holding product
Headshot of doctor
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