Features & Benefits

  • Aligns back and shoulders
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Balances hips for easier movement
  • Reduces stress on knee joints
  • Cradles feet for improved stability
  • Pain relief verified by Independent Clinical study
  • Customizable arch support
  • Bio-Lock heel cup
  • Corrects pronation
  • Over 25 million pairs sold

Aligns your body to alleviate foot, knee, hip & back pain! Helps relieve pain from heel spurs, hammer-toes, bunions, shin-splints, knee pain, hip pain and back pain

New improved design!

NEW! We've added a unique gel pad to our Bio-Lock heel cup for advanced cushioning and shock absorption. So, you get cushioning where you need it and firmness where you need it!

NEW! Reflexology massage insert!

Realigns your spine and pelvic area to reduce knee, hip and lower back pain.

Independent clinical study showed WalkFit® technology relieved pain in 90% of users.

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Clinically Tested - Over 5 Million People Get Relief With WalkFit® Orthotics!

Independent Testing Validates Pain Relief Order Now!
See the results it has on the joints in your foot

NEW WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics are guaranteed to get you back on your feet - pain free!

Over 25 million men and women use WalkFit® orthotics to walk, play and work without pain. Now, we've taken something good and made it better! NEW WalkFit® Platinum takes comfort and stability to the next level with extra cushioning and odor protection. See how the world's #1 custom-fitted orthotic can improve your life. Try NEW WalkFit® Platinum today RISK FREE!


Realign your feet, realign your life.

The benefits of WalkFit® orthotics:

  1. Aligns back and shoulders
  2. Relieves lower back pain
  3. Balances hips for easier movement
  4. Reduces stress on knee joints
  5. Cradles feet for improved stability

Cups foot with durable support to relieve discomfort! Distributes your weight evenly across your foot to help prevent collapsing, pressure points, stress and rubbing. This reduces painful burning, bunions, corns and calluses.

Eases impact by evenly distributing the force of each step! Flexes and cushions to help absorb destructive shock waves from traveling up through your entire body every time your foot hits the ground!

NEW! Cushions your heel for ultimate comfort! A cushioning gel pad in the heel provides extra shock absorption and comfort.

No other orthotic offers you this custom comfort feature! 3 sets of customizable arch inserts allow you to decide which feels perfect for you.

Here's what some of the over 25 million users say about WalkFit® Orthotics:

“I felt relief almost immediately. My feet and back feel better. I wear them in my shoes all the time.” – James D.
Philadelphia, PA

“I put them in my shoes. They worked right away. I love 'em. They made the pain go away.” – Janice M.
Midland, TX


Doctor recommended

“Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. WalkFit® orthotics help to realign the heel and ankle. You're putting your entire body in better balance with stability and comfort.”

Dr. Allen Selner, Doctor of Podiatric
Medicine and expert in foot biomechanics

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